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Milestone celebration--free product and a chance to win novels!

August 23, 2015

This week, I am inviting YOU to celebrate my recent Milestone Achievement on Teachers Pay Teachers with me! Thank you so much for purchasing products from The Comprehensible Classroom since it opened in late 2012. It has made it possible for me to justify all of the time that I spend feeding my lesson planning and word processing obsessions even now that I am home full-time with my kids! I am so appreciative of all my customers, and especially those that have taken the time to email me with questions and concerns about the products that they've purchased. My goal is that products from The Comprehensible Classroom provide your students with comprehensible, cultural input; save you time; and help you to see many different ways that you can teach with comprehensible input so that you are better equipped to develop your own content!

So, how are we celebrating?

The first option is to download a mini-unit for Spanish 1 to teach your students the structure 'baila' as they learn about Merengue and Carrie, "The Dancing Merengue Dog". This unit is usually $4.00, but this week it is FREE! Download it before August 29. Click here to download "Merengue y la perrita bailarina". I teach it after Unit 10 in my Spanish 1 classes.

Click on image to view plans

Option #2: If you are a Spanish teacher and you have already purchased the merengue unit or you have purchased my Somos Units 10-13 curriculum bundle (in which it is included), have no fear! I've got you covered. If you purchased either of those products on or before August 22, 2015, you can enter a drawing to win a classroom set of novels from TPRS Publishing, Inc. Click on this link to complete your contest entry! If you have not already purchased one or both of these products, your thank-you is to download the product for free (a guaranteed prize!).

Option #3: But what about my non-Spanish teaching customers? I haven't forgotten you!! Any teacher that has purchased a product from me in the past that does not teach Spanish is also eligible to enter the drawing for a class set of novels. Currently, TPRS Publishing offers novels in Spanish, French, Russian, and Mandarin, and a German novel will be available October 1. If you teach any of those languages and have purchased a product from me, you can click on this link to complete your contest entry.

Remember, you only have until August 29 at midnight to download the unit for free or to enter the contest! I will notify the winner via email early next week, and I can order the novels immediately or wait until TPRS Publishing's new novels are available in early October.

Thank you, and get celebrating!

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