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Telling time in French: Paul et l'avion

January 20, 2016

Click on image to access French lesson plans

Oh, French teachers! Today is your lucky day! We finished the French translation of my telling time lesson plans "just in time" for you to snag it during the Start Your Year Inspired sale and save 28 percent on the regular price! The lesson plans include a slideshow reading that contrasts the time expressions "it is [time]" and "at [time]", several post-reading activities, communicative activities, and a one-page, traditional fill-in notes page in French. As always, the most effective way to teach a construction to students is through comprehensible input! The reading will do just that, and students will get additional exposure to the target structures through the supplemental activities.

Many thanks to the amazing Cécile Lainé for translating this lesson into French! To view the original lesson plans in Spanish, please click here, and view all of my French lessons here!

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