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July 31, 2017

Can you believe that it is already time to think about going back to school this fall?

Part of the back to school stress is due to having SO. MUCH. TO. THINK. ABOUT. Whether you spent your summer at conferences or took the entire summer off to just rest and enjoy your family, reality is sure to set in soon.  The classroom is calling, and you must go. (Nooooooooooooooo!)

Of course we love it when we get back to school!  The smell of fresh school supplies just have a way of easing the transition, don’t they… but it is hard to leave behind these easy days of summer to jump right into planning mode.

Bulletin boards. Syllabi. Formal lesson plans. Emergency sub plans. PD goals. It can be overwhelming to check things off the back to school to-do list without a little help from a friend. Well, here are FOUR friends ready to help and guide you as you go back to school! Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing their annual Back to School Sale THIS WEEK (August 1-2), and you can save 25% on any product in our stores! We’ve selected some items to highlight that we think you will find SO helpful to you as you get your classroom and your lesson plans ready for this school year...and we are offering a few sweet little gifts as well!

FIRST PRIZE: A class set of novels from Fluency Matters ($150 value)

SECOND PRIZE: Level 1 FVR classroom library set from Fluency Matters ($50 value)

THIRD PRIZE: Level 3 FVR classroom library set from Fluency Matters ($30 value)

Here’s how to win big:

  1. Select and purchase at least ONE item from each of the four stores listed below (a total of four items, each from a different store). Purchase must be made by midnight AKDT on Wednesday, August 2.
  2. Fill out this form: (click here).
  3. Wait for the big announcement on Thursday! Winners will be selected at random and notified via email pending confirmation of purchase.

Remember to use coupon code BTS2017 when shopping to receive the full 25% discount! Both the sale and the giveaway end on Wednesday, August 2 at midnight--so don’t delay!

Happy shopping!


Kristy, Carrie, Nelly, and Martina <3

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 9.59.55 PM
Circumlocution Game Cards This circumlocution game is a versatile way to show upper-level students how they can put their language skills to work even when they don't know a word! Students play in small teams, describing each word in the target language in a minute or less, as their teammates attempt to guess the word in English. It is also really fun to play with the teacher or a native-speaking student describing the words on the cards to see who can guess! Kristy offers an add-on pack, a Christmas pack, and Spring/Easter pack and even a customizable resource for teachers who want to add their own cards to their existing game!
Already have the Circumlocution Game Cards or not exactly what you're looking for? Snag one of these items from Placido Language Resources instead! 

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"Me lo dijo un pajarito" Bulletin Board Scavenger HuntThis packet contains 91--NINETY ONE--cultural trivia questions to get kids excited about the Hispanic culture. The questions are written in easy to read Spanish and therefore make a GREAT way to start a short, cultural conversation about the current fact! This presentation is ideal for a bulletin board scavenger hunt that will change every two weeks or for 91 days of culture based warm ups!
Already have the Circumlocution Game Cards or not exactly what you're looking for? Snag one of these items from Comprendes Mendez Spanish Shop instead! 
  • El Fútbol ~ Unidad Didáctica  Filled with cultural readings, music, and structure in context, this unit is a great way to engage students in a study rich in culture and language.
  • ¿Adónde vas? Game Inspired by the popular game show, Hollywood Game Night, this is a great way to practice circumlocution in the classroom.  Whether you throw in some props for a twist or play with cards only, this game is sure to engage your students!
  • Futbolistas famososShort on time for a full unit on soccer?  These readings may be just what you need.  Complete with follow up activities, they will help your students get to know some of the most famous players in Latin American soccer

Help your students grow in their path to proficiency by creating a display of what language looks like at each level. Key to self-evaluation and to helping keep teacher expectations realistic, these proficiency descriptor posters will individualize the journey for each student!
Already have the Printable Proficiency Descriptors or not exactly what you're looking for? Snag one of these items from Somewhere to Share instead! 
  • Sofía by Álvaro Soler: Whether you’ve used a lot of “songs of the week” or are new to the idea, Sofia is sure to be a class favorite!
  • El Regalo MovieTalk Activities: Movie talk expert or just dipping your toes in the water, this unit focuses on the short film “the present” and offers a variety of questioning techniques and follow up activities to make the movie talk a success.
  • Proficency Path: Help your students remember that proficiency is a journey by displaying this printable “path to proficiency.”  With simple “I Can” statements from novice low to intermediate high, visualizing themselves becoming more proficient in their new language is easy!
Something that we all LOVE to do at the beginning of the school year is put together and submit emergency sub plans, right? WRONG! It's a lot of work, and the plans are typically lame because they need to work for any class at any point in the school year. I created this set of readings so that your emergency plans can be AMAZING! This 18 page bundle includes multiple versions of four activities that can be left as sub plans or used as independent work, including two readings, one authentic resource, and one writing. The two readings have versions appropriate for Spanish I or Spanish II+ (present and past). For a complete description of the activities, please download the preview. Provided for each reading is one version that would be simple enough for students in the first weeks of Spanish I to interpret. There are enough activities in this packet for at least two days of sub plans per level.
Already have the Zombies plans or not exactly what you're looking for? Snag one of these items from The Comprehensible Classroom instead! 

Remember to use coupon code BTS2017 to get the full 25% discount, and complete this form before midnight AKDT on Wednesday, August 2 to be entered to win!

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