The Comprehensible Classroom has been creating Comprehension-based materials for teaching languages since 2010. Our resources can be purchased through our store on Teachers Pay Teachers or directly from us via Purchase Order.

The SOMOS Curriculum

SOMOS 1 and SOMOS 2 provide 3 years of Spanish lessons for middle or high school Spanish courses. All units are Comprehension-based and Proficiency-oriented.

The SOMOS Curriculum is a Comprehension-based CI Spanish Curriculum


The Garbanzo App is an online, interactive library of stories and informational texts. Each lesson is built for comprehension, breaking the text into small chunks with embedded processing questions to help students understand while they read.


El mundo en tus manos is a bi-weekly news publication for Spanish learners. Each issue features 5 stories written at three levels of text complexity: Beginning, Novice, and Intermediate. EMETM is a collaboration between Maris Hawkins, Nelly Andrade-Hughes, and Martina Bex.

El mundo en tus manos brings you easy Spanish lessons with the news in Spanish


The Comprehensible Classroom has been publishing materials on the Teachers Pay Teachers platform since 2010. With over 40,000 5-star ratings, districts can trust that materials purchased from our online store are of the highest quality.