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5 Deportistas hispanohablantes que debes conocer Cover 4802855 1

5 deportistas hispanohablantes

Five biographies of female athletes for novice high and beyond

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
13 Pages

This product contains the biographies of five strong female athletes that have made an impact in the world of sports. The biographies are written for students with a novice high level of proficiency.

Each of the biographies discuss how these women have influenced their individual sport. Second year Spanish students will be able to understand these readings with ease by the spring semester, if not before. These biographies could also be a great warm up activity for third year students, a great addition to your Sports unit, or, if laminated, could be an addition to your FVR library.


  • Caterine Ibargüen - Salto triple (atletismo)
  • Teresa Perales - Natación paralímpica
  • Soraya Jiménez - Halterofilia
  • Edurne Pasabán - Alpinismo
  • Amaya Valdemoro - Baloncesto

Each short biography is written on a one-page worksheet with a very brief comprehension activity at the bottom. Answer keys are included.


This product is a collaboration between Nelly Hughes and The Comprehensible Classroom. Please do not purchase this product if you have previously purchased this resource from Comprendes Méndez SpanishShop.


  • Super awesome for my Spanish 2/3 students. It was relevant and really nice for them to read something different than what we usually do. 

    Kate K.
  • Added to our FVR library! Perfect resource, thank you! 

    Rachel T.
  • More great reading comprehension resources for my kids to learn from during distance learning. They're always scaffolded so well and the followups are so engaging. This one was great because it was more broad than just futbolistas.

    Deirdre K.
  • My Spanish 1 students read a couple of these after a unit on Sports, in the second semester of Spanish 1. They did need a lot of support from me, so if you're planning to use this activity for independent work, I would recommend waiting until Spanish II or only for more proficient students. As a class activity with support, it worked well.

    Faythe D.

5 deportistas hispanohablantes


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