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Cinco mujeres que debes conocer

Notable Women From the Spanish Speaking World
Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This product contains the biographies of five impactful women from the Spanish speaking world. The biographies are written in easy to read Spanish; largely in the past tense. Each of the biographies talks about how these women impacted the rights of others (women, indigenous people, fellow citizens). First year Spanish students will be able to understand these readings with ease by the spring semester, if not before.

Each biography is written on a one-page worksheet with a very brief comprehension activity at the bottom. The biographies are also provided in slideshow format (both PDF and PPT) to make it easy to read and discuss them together.

The women featured are

  • Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
  • Rigoberta Menchú
  • Michelle Bachelet
  • Eva Perón
  • The Mirabal sisters

Perfect for Women's History Month in Spanish classes!

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  • I used this resource during Women's History month. My Spanish II students were able to make best use of this and I felt that it was very on-level for them. It was too complicated for Spanish I students, even in second semester. My students really enjoyed learning about these notable women.

    Faythe D.
  • I love this resource. In trying to bring more diversity and inclusivity into my classroom, resources like this are a great way.

    Ivette D.
  • These were excellent biographies to introduce students to these notable figures. Students completed these as independent reading assignments.

    Trisha S.
  • These were perfect little additions to my lessons during hispanic heritage week. I have a group of all girls so it was very appropriate to study strong hispanic women!

    Sarah S.
  • I like to give lots of opportunities for my students to read in the target language and to read about a variety of real people.

    Amy P.

Cinco mujeres que debes conocer


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