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Somos 2 Units 1-5 BUNDLE

The Somos Curriculum for Intermediate learners, Units 1-5

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Bundle of 7 products
Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This bundle contains the first five units of the SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 2:

Unit 1: Foundations (including 'Vine vi vencí')

Unit 2: La muchacha y la ardilla to target regular preterite -ar verbs

Unit 2 extension: Ricitos de oro

Unit 3: La madre de Jasón to target regular preterite -er and -ir verbs

Unit 4: ¿Soy gringo? to target preterite stem change verbs

Unit 5: Ruidos en la noche to target preterite i-y stem change verbs


PLEASE NOTE: SOMOS units can be purchased individually, in small bundles, or in one Complete Curriculum Bundle. The Complete Curriculum bundle includes all individual units PLUS multiple bonus products. The bonus products are NOT included when SOMOS is purchased unit by unit or in small bundles; only when purchased as a complete curriculum package. Regretfully, we cannot accommodate refunds or exchanges for teachers that begin purchasing SOMOS unit by unit or in small bundles and later choose to purchase the whole curriculum.  

For a full list of bonus materials included in the Complete Curriculum Package, visit These products are extensions and supplements that teachers may choose to use in combination with SOMOS, but they are not necessary. Teachers that do not purchase the complete curriculum bundle can purchase these products separately if they wish.

  • I can't tell you how much I love the SOMOS resources. I use this curriculum with levels 2 and 3 as it is primarily intended for intermediate level speakers. The lessons are engaging, comprehensible, varied and thorough.

    Anna R.
  • After using SOMOS 2 FLEX during Hybrid and virtual learning, I HAD to get the traditional SOMOS 2 bundle to expand the topics. And I'm so glad I did. Makes transitioning to CI so easy - especially with the links in the plans to explanatory blogs and training videos!

    Lynn W.
  • The SOMOS curriculum is a great foundational piece for any CI classroom. This SOMOS 2 continues building on the SOMOS 1 and includes very engaging units. An absolute recommendation from this teacher!

    Justin R.
  • This program is great! I love that everything is included: lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and instructions on how to use them. This program is great!

    Cristina C.
  • I used this when I was teaching Spanish 2 and was having trouble getting into a groove with the department curriculum. I loved how much culture was built in and the cohesiveness of it all. :)

    Katherine K A
  • My students are becoming progressively stronger with their comprehension and communication skills in Spanish. With the help of the amazing Somos materials, they are acquiring the Spanish language and having fun at the same time!

    Tara F.
  • This curriculum has made teaching SO fun for me! It feels like we are playing in the language, and I can't believe I'm getting paid for this! SO valuable and SO energizing! The kids are learning so much while having fun! LOVE it!

    Kim D.
  • I like the variety of the unit. There´s a story to ask (I haven´t mastered this ability yet, so I prepare slides and tell the story), a song that goes well with the structures that are being practiced, and tons of fun activities. Everything very clear and comprehensible. 

    Anna C.
  • I've been hearing great things about SOMOS and needed a new resource to teach the preterite. This unit did not disapoint! I am asking my district to purchase the entire Unit 2 for my Spansh 2/3 classes next year! 

    Elaine F.
  • Using SOMOS 2 for the first time this year and am really seeing the aquisition of the past tense being acquired through the curriculum. The activities are right on target

    Bethany Pflug
  • My students enjoyed this story and the activities provided great practice for correct language usage. Thank you. 

    Ellen R.
  • Another SOMOS win! The movie talk was super cute, and the story was just crazy enough for the kids to be completely stunned and engaged.

    KE Orrico

Somos 2 Units 1-5 BUNDLE

$60.00 $67.00
$60.00 $67.00

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