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Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month

September 14, 2015

Did you know that Mexico is just one of seven Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America that celebrates its independence between September 15 and October 15, the official dates of the Mes de la hispanidad or Mes de la herencia in the US?

Dear Spanish teacher, what’s your plan?

Share Hispanic Heritage Month with your students in Spanish class using target-language resources!


STEP 1: Get the word out to the whole school about El mes de la herencia (AND your school’s awesome Spanish program!) with school-wide BINGO!

Need a second BINGO set for a second year of school-wide celebrating? We've got you covered! Get 25 MORE biographies of notable Latinos here.

STEP 2: On September 16–Mexican Independence Day–or leading up to it if it falls on a weekend–tackle El Grito de Dolores! New in 2020: These resources are now DIGITAL!

Really dig into Mexican Independence Day by sharing these biographies of Heroes of Mexican Independence with your students - print or digital, and also available on Garbanzo!

STEP 3: Give your students some background info on El mes de la herencia with three quick readings.

STEP 4: Learn El Juramento a la bandera in Spanish (and get in a little meaningful discussion while you’re at it!)

STEP 5: October 15 already!? Wrap up with a fabulous game of Jeopardy celebrating the powerful Latino influence in US culture!


Our Mes de la Hispanidad bundle includes resources that will provide you with a comprehensive approach to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Get everything you need to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month all month long in your Spanish classes with resources from The Comprehensible Classroom!

Spanish class resources for Mexican Independence Day

El que sabe, sabe: La independencia de México

In this game, collaborator Nelly Andrade-Hughes has pulled together dozens of questions related to Mexican Independence. All of the questions have numerical answers, and students work in teams to try and guess the answer, Price is Right style. As students play the game, they learn facts about Mexican Independence. Click here »

El Grito de Dolores

This multi-day lesson plan explains the history and the modern-day celebration of el Grito de Dolores. With a personalized writing activity and a song, this unit is a perfect way to mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. Click here »

5 héroes de la Independencia de México que debes conocer

Share the biographies of 5 individuals that contributed to the fight for Mexico's Independence. Written by collaborator Nelly Andrade-Hughes, these biographies are perfect for Levels 3-AP. Click here »

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