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Huellas 1 Units 1-10

The Huellas Curriculum for Intermediate learners 

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Bundle of 10 products
Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive, PDF

It is so hard to find a curriculum for upper level students that not only gives them scaffolding to help build their productive language skills but also, wraps those lessons in topics that really interest them. Created with inspiration from the AP themes, the Sustainable Development Goals, and ACTFL's Proficiency Levels, this curriculum may be just what you need to maximize the time you spend with your students and minimize your planning.

The 1-10 bundle of the Huellas 1 curriculum allows teachers a great deal of flexibility with timing, grammatical focus, extending vocabulary, and includes both remote and face to face plans. In these units, teachers will find vocabulary, grammar, music, movie talks, and cultural studies, we hope that our lessons meet the needs of your upper level students! If you're looking to fill an entire year, check out the 15 unit Huellas 1 Full Curriculum!

We hope you LOVE these units. Contact me: [email protected] if you have questions.

  • Purchased this curriculum with my own money, and could not be happier!!!! It has made my life so much easier; everything is done for you!! And students are sooooo happy to be using a curriculum like this; rather than textbook and skill and drill. Thank you!!

    Sarah L.
  • I love Huellas! My students are always engaged. I love that the topics of the units are relevant. Somewhere to Share always puts out great products!

    Kristi B.
  • I have used three of these units and am looking forward to using the others next year. These were fun and engaging for me and for my students.

    Jill Anderson
  • Both my students and I enjoyed the topics that were presented. The range of activities made it novel. I learned a lot of new strategies that I could apply to my other lower levels. 

    Ana T.
  • The quality of these resources is top-notch! I have not used all of them yet. However, the ones that I have used are fantastic. I was looking for something to use after SOMOS and this looks to be an awesome way to go. Thank you!

    Barr Reeve S.

Huellas 1 Units 1-10

$130.00 $137.00
$130.00 $137.00

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