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Aimer ou pouvoir Sentence Bingo

Contextualized sentence bingo featuring comparisons vocabulary in French

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
50 Pages
Google Drive, PDF

This BINGO game is unlike anything you will buy in a catalog! Instead of hearing isolated words, the teacher reads sentences to students as they search for pictorial representations of the sentence on their BINGO boards. This is a great way to turn a traditional vocabulary game into an input-rich activity.

This game features the high-frequency verbs pouvoir and aimer and pairs with Nous sommes 1 Unit 7. A vocabulary slide is included so that students can confidently interpret each sentence, even if some of the past tense constructions are new to them.

Sample sentences:

  • Le robot n’aime pas jouer au football.
  • Le monstre aime regarder la télévision.
  • Le chat peut parler arabe.
  • L’enfant aime jouer au football.
  • Mes amis et moi pouvons courir rapidement.

40 BINGO boards, 60 sentence cards, and student keys are included for each set, and it includes resources to play either in a traditional classroom space, with printable boards, or virtually with digital/paperless boards.


  • Great resource for when we do actually learn (study) grammar. Merci!

    Melanie Tupaj

Aimer ou pouvoir Sentence Bingo


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