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New(ish) materials in French and Spanish

March 23, 2017

Here are some materials that I have finished up and posted within the last few months...most notably and laboriously, Unit 5 of my French 1 curriculum (Le Tour de France) and the very long awaited Unit 23 of my Spanish 1 curriculum (El Camino de Santiago).

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 My husband is so sick of this song. Every time it comes on Pandora, I crank the volume and belt it out with Gente de Zona. And then I usually pause Pandora and pull up the music video on YouTube so that I can listen and watch it again because the video is mesmerizing! It makes me feel like I am dancing even if I am sitting on the couch, which is fantastic because I am so friggin pregnant that the idea of heaving myself off the couch to dance sounds like torture. My favorite part of these materials is the reading about the meaning of the expression 'se formó la gozadera'. I predict a gozadera forming in your classes when you use this song :)

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 I created this upon request; a teacher that used the Afro-latinos notables materials in February wanted something similar for March. Although I didn't have time to create something so comprehensive, I did have time to make these readings. They are obviously great for Women's History Month, and the one-page reading format makes them easy fillers for sub plans or fast finisher folders.

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 One of my all-time favorite short stories, this bundle of readings will help you to teach it to your students in a way that will allow you to maximize its literary potential. It includes six embedded readings in addition to the authentic version of the story, so your students will actually understand the entire story by the time you are done working with it. Crazy, right?

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 I am more proud of this unit than anything that I have ever posted because it is the product of my journey to learn French! Read about it herehere and here.

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 This is a happy song and I hope these materials make you happy too :) Even though it's an easy song to sing along with, I recommend holding off until Spanish 2 and using it after you teach the "Rumors" lesson because the biography about Chino y Nacho talks about a recent rumor about the duo breaking up.

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 I am super kaduper proud of this unit. It is infinitely better than when I taught it to my students, so hopefully it is worth the...em...six year wait for its release. The materials will easily fill two full weeks of class; probably more!

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 Upon request, I am separating out the cultural readings from my units so that teachers that want to use them apart from my curriculum units can do so more cost effectively. This one comes from Unit 2 of my Spanish 1 curriculum. It will probably take me a million years to separate out all of the cultural readings, because I can't just leave anything be. I ended up adding two more levels of readings and a game to the unit and to these materials when I separated out the reading.

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 This isn't a new product, of course, but it is the bulk of what I have been working on this spring since a new issue is added to the file each week. It is a ton of work, but I really do love that it forces me to keep abreast of current events in the Spanish speaking world!

Con quién se queda el perro activities for the Jesse & Joy song for Spanish classesClick on image to view product details

I used this song in my Camino de Santiago unit, and I majorly expanded the activities since I taught it with my students. It is included in Unit 23, so if you purchase that unit, do NOT purchase this product too. The activities make the song lyrics comprehensible without explicitly translating them (yay for parallel stories!), and there are enough for 4 class days.

Reading about dating customs in Spanish speaking countries for beginner Spanish studentsClick on image to access readings

This reading comes from Spanish 1 Unit 12, "Carlos el cleptómano / El Cortejo". If you ever have a specific cultural reading that you'd like, email me (comprehensible classroom at gmail [dot] com) and I will put it at the top of my list to parse out.  

Valentine's Day logic puzzle in Spanish

 I looooooooooove logic puzzles, but I don't love doing holiday-specific activities (for US holidays, anyway) in class. And I don't even celebrate Valentine's Day. So this puzzle is a way to acknowledge that it exists, provide comprehensible input, and send the message that girls don't need a love interest on Valentine's Day to be awesome.

Materials to use with Amor con hielo by Morat from The Comprehensible Classroom

 I am so into this song, although I can't explain why because I don't have any past boyfriends to scream-sing the song lyrics at. The materials that I created to accompany it are intended to equip your darling teenage students with all the phrases they could possibly need to let their ex's know that they are oh-so-over them.

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