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ER Verbs Present Indicative Grammar Notes and Reading Cover 982519 1

-ER verbs present indicative Grammar in Context

Guided notes and contextualized texts and activities featuring Rafael Nadal for Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
9 Pages
2 days

These guided notes will help your students understand Spanish regular -ER verb conjugation patterns in the present indicative. All activities in the guide include common -ER verbs and are designed to give students varied practice interpreting and producing them IN CONTEXT. They include

  • Two-page guided notes
  • a reading about Rafael Nadal
  • a reading comprehension activity
  • a video-based discussion activity
  • a communicative activity to discuss themes from the reading

These materials are also provided as a Digital/Paperless resource in Slides.


  • Great introduction for ER verbs. It made the transition from conjugating AR verb to ER very seamless and easy to understand.

    Jennifer McClaflin
  • I love Martina's resources! I have -ER/-IR Verbs notes, but in an effort to be more CI-friendly I use these because it's grammar in context. LOVE that she added an Easel/Google option to save paper! I just started exploring Easel and it's a great digital option

    Samantha Gonzalez
  • My students were engaged learning more about Rafael and Mallorca. They loved that they understood the story in Spanish. Reading comprehension always boosts their confidence.

    Veronica R.
  • A good combination of grammar and comprehensible input. The reading was very comprehensible and students were able to find the -er verbs fairly easily. 

    Alison J.
  • My students enjoyed this activity, and the notes really helped them break down the concept and understand the purpose and process of conjugation. 

    Rachel B.

-ER verbs present indicative Grammar in Context


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