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La Receta del Amor Movietalk Lesson 748213 1

La receta del amor | Reflexive Verbs

Lessons for a ClipChat that offer contextualized reflexive verbs

Novice (Levels 1-2)
77 Pages
4 days

Use the short animated film "Love Recipe" (click here to view it) to target the difference between reflexive and non-reflexive verbs in Spanish. These four day lesson plans include a vocabulary introduction powerpoint, instructions for using MovieTalk to view the video and highlight the target structures, a Jeopardy game, instructions and slides for a formative assessment, and a reading activity with targeted grammar activities.

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This is Unit 21b of the SOMOS curriculum for Spanish 1. SOMOS Level 1 units may be purchased individually or in bundles. View a complete curriculum map with links to purchasing options here.


  • Just like any resource from Matina, I love this resource as it includes food, love, relationships, and reflexive verbs vocabulary, and contexts. Thank you!

    Xenia R.
  • Fabulous! This was just perfect. Gave my students a clear understanding of the difference between regular and reflexive verbs.

    Kristine S.
  • This is a great movie talk and my students loved it. I have 90 minute block classes and this activity kept us busy for a couple of class meetings. Thank you!

    Esmeralda S.
  • Love this! The short film is great for movie talks. My kids FINALLY get the difference when using the verbs. 

    Jamie A.
  • I didn't have a lot of time for this unit but wanted to spend a couple days on reflexive verbs. There are plenty of materials here for multiple days - very well done! My students enjoyed it. Thank you!

    La Profe D

La receta del amor | Reflexive Verbs


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