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Saber vs. conocer

Grammar in Context notes, reading and activities to teach the Spanish verbs "saber" and "conocer".

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
53 Pages
2 days

This bundle is designed to teach your students the differences in usage between the Spanish verbs "saber" and "conocer".


  • a guided notes page for each verb-a 14-page Spanish-language slideshow reading designed for Spanish 1 students and beyond about the six degrees of separation theory with targeted use of saber/conocer
  • -five additional activities that could be used in stations, each included in multiple formats to best meet your goals for the lesson:
    • 1 - CLOZE passage with T/F questions
    • 2 - statement sorting
    • 3 - Chain reaction sequencing
    • 4 - Team Windows
    • 5 - Matching and writing
  • Consider teaching this vocabulary study after teaching the verbs "saber" and "conocer" separately to students.
  • Teach "saber" in this unit about the Latin food
  • Teach "conocer" in this unit about dating customs in Spanish-speaking countries


  • This resource was so well-thought out and incredible. I LOVED the practice my students got with saber/conocer AND were able to be up and around, moving! The stations were different enough, but had similar enough ideas they learned as they worked through it! Such a tough concept for students to grasp, but this resource was awesome.

    Lydia P.
  • Really great resource. Engaging stations. The only thing is some stations are quicker than others so that made moving in time intervals harder but the students feel much more confident about it now. 

    Amanda H.
  • This aligned amazingly well with my student reading goal this year. Students were engaged and found it challenging in a good way. 

    Robyn Spain
  • Great for centers! Student get a variety of practice using this challenging concept. Thank you!

    Elizabeth B.
  • This resource got my students up and active in the classroom! This station activity was perfect for engagement and solidifying the content! 

    Katie E.

Saber vs. conocer


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