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E-IE stem change verbs Grammar in Context

Guided notes and contextualized texts and activities for Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
7 Pages
60-90 minutes

Our Grammar in Context lessons are designed to help students understand the grammatical constructions that they observe in language that they are listening to and reading.

This 60-90 minute lesson that focuses on e-ie Present Tense stem change verbs in Spanish includes:

  • a 2-page guided notes sheet
  • a 1-page story and activity sheet featuring verbs preferir, querer, sentir, cerrar
  • 1 page of personalized questions
  • detailed lesson plan suggestions
  • answer keys

These e-ie stem change notes assume that students have NOT already learned about present tense stem change verbs. We recommend teaching our three stem change verb lessons in sequence, but spread out over time:

  1. E-IE stem change notes with reading (this resource!)
  2. O-UE stem change notes with reading
  3. E-I stem change notes with reading

All of these materials and more are included in the Grammar In Context BUNDLE.

These materials are not designed to support your students in mastering the ability to conjugate e-ie verbs; they are designed to help your students understand why they sometimes see spelling differences between different forms of the same verb.


  • Great activity, kept students engaged and saved me a ton of time. Muchas gracias.

    Kimberley K.
  • So nice to show students rules in context and in a meaningful way! Gracias!

    Cafe Ole
  • It's so important to give students the input they need, and my district's curriculum requires explicit grammar testing, so this is a great way to build those grammar skills in a way that also benefits their overall language acquisition. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Abigayle Shin
  • This is an awesome way to do a grammar lesson without using traditional notes. Students can see the verbs in context and the activities after are great.

    Matthew V.
  • Martina Bex does it again! If you must explicitly teach grammar, these are such good resources that incorporate the grammar concepts within a story or reading. 

    Ashley M.

E-IE stem change verbs Grammar in Context


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