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Totally irregular preterite tense verbs Grammar in Context

Guided notes and contextualized texts and activities for Spanish classes

Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
15 Pages
90-120 minutes

Teach your students the irregular stems and endings for tener, estar, decir, caber, hacer, andar, traer, saber, poner, poder, querer, and venir.


  • 2-page guided notes
  • an English-Spanish translation activity
  • a contextualized conjugation activity
  • A Spanish-language reading that features all 12 verbs
  • four post-reading activities to give targeted receptive and productive practice with the verb forms
  • Answer keys for everything
  • Teaching instructions

These notes are appropriate for a 90 minute block or two 45-minute days. I give them after exposing students to irregular preterite endings using Somos 2 Unit 6.

The storytelling unit and these notes are meant to be taught after the -AR preterite lesson, the -ER/-IR regular preterite lesson, the preterite stem change lesson, and the I-Y spelling change lessons.


Grammar in Context lessons from The Comprehensible Classroom are designed to create opportunities for students to notice grammar patterns as they are used in context. Every Grammar in Context lesson includes brief guided notes in English about the grammar pattern, followed by at least one Spanish-language reading that includes many instances of the pattern at hand plus activities that draw students' attention to the role it plays in creating meaning.

Grammar in Context lessons are not designed to be grammar practice for students, nor are they expected to result in the mastery of a grammar concept. Grammar in Context is a more acquisition-focused approach to grammar instruction; noticing the ways in which unique linguistic features impact the overall meaning of an utterance.


  • This was so nicely organized and super helpful for my students! Great resource for them to refer back to when completing activities within the curriculum.

    Kristine S.
  • The readings and activities were a hit with my students! This was a meaningful and fun way to reactivate the irregular preterite verbs!

    Veronika Z.
  • These grammar resources by Martina are great. I have stopped using the textbook and I am still obliged to use grammar so these resources are great. They give me the opportunity to be more flexible and to still cover grammar in class.

    Elvan D.
  • This was a good walkthrough of the irregular preterites and a time-saver as well. I like how the notes are conversational, written like a script. 

    The Spanish Saylor
  • This is a great resource. Irregular verbs in the preterit tense can be so difficult to teach. Having a story with activities that students can use, with little to no prep on my part, really helps me! I recommend this resource to anyone needing to break up their routine a little bit and use a story in the preterit tense. 

    I Oliver

Totally irregular preterite tense verbs Grammar in Context


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