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Gustar verbs in Spanish | Grammar in Context

Guided notes and contextualized texts and activities for Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
2-3 days

This lesson plan packet is designed to introduce your students to gustar-like verbs in Spanish (backward verbs; like gustar, encantar, doler, etc.). It is appropriate for late Spanish 1, and the full plans will take 90-120 minutes. It includes

  • 2 page guided notes
  • a reading with tasks and comprehension questions
  • discussion questions
  • a communicative group activity
  • a communicative class activity
  • answer keys
  • detailed lesson plans


Grammar in Context lessons from The Comprehensible Classroom are designed to create opportunities for students to notice grammar patterns as they are used in context. Every Grammar in Context lesson includes brief guided notes in English about the grammar pattern, followed by at least one Spanish-language reading that includes many instances of the pattern at hand plus activities that draw students' attention to the role it plays in creating meaning.

Grammar in Context lessons are not designed to be grammar practice for students, nor are they expected to result in the mastery of a grammar concept. Grammar in Context is a more acquisition-focused approach to grammar instruction; noticing the ways in which unique linguistic features impact the overall meaning of an utterance.


  • During these difficult times it is especially important to have engaging and easy to understand activities that also accomplish our learning goals. These are resources created by teachers we know and trust which for me is invaluable. Thanks for all of your hard work and stay safe !

    Stephanie Portillo
  • This was a great ancillary for checking knowledge and understanding of gusta. My students told me it really helped them too. 

    Suzanne K.
  • The way this activity connects other verbs to the gustar verb that they've know from very early on is great for teaching new verbs or reviewing the format with higher levels. 

    Barbara Y.
  • At first I was just looking for some guided notes on "gustar" to review my Spanish II classes on the tricky usage of the verb. I found these notes, and of course I love all things Martina Bex, but I thought they might be too complicated (or just more complicated than what I was looking for). Turns out, walking through these with my kiddos was a fantastic idea, and I've referred back to these notes with the verbs molestar and doler many times since! Fantastic resource!

    Kate K.
  • My students really found this resource useful. A great and simple way to explain the verb gustar and other verbs like it.

    Profe Aguirre

Gustar verbs in Spanish | Grammar in Context


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