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Guided notes and contextualized readings and activities for Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
140 Pages
Grade Level
Grades 6-12

These Grammar in Context notes are designed to support students in understanding the use of Subject Pronouns in context. Lesson plans will fill 60-90 minutes of class, depending on how much time is spent on discussion. The new biographies will fill additional class time.


  • 1 page guided notes (2 versions provided: one that includes neutral pronouns and the originally published version that only includes gendered pronouns) (PDF)
  • 2 Spanish-language stories with comprehension questions and an activity that focuses students' attention on the subject pronouns that they contains (PDF)
  • 1 slideshow with 15 contextualized practice sentences and personalized questions to be used as a game or conversational tool (PPT, Slides)
  • ADDED IN 2021: Simple biographies of six Spanish-speaking individuals with a short four-question comprehension activity for each one that focuses on pronouns (PDF)
  • Answer keys (PDF)
  • Suggested lesson plans (PDF)
  • Projectable versions of all readings (PPT, Slides)


  • I always struggle with teaching subject pronouns in Spanish. This resource makes that so much easier, by giving great, engaging practice to help!

    Tienda de Senora
  • I loved how comprehensive this resource was. Everything I needed to introduce subject pronouns and allow students to take guided notes.

    Jennifer McClaflin
  • Great introduction to subject pronouns in Spanish, in a simple, comprehensible approach that coordinates well with a comprehensible input curriculum.

    Deanna M.
  • This resource is a good mix between teaching for acquisition and teaching a few grammar rules. Some students want to know the rules and sometimes when students continue to take Spanish in college they are frustrated by grammar heavy classes when they have never been exposed. This resource helps teach the rules in a simple way and then has some comprehension activities as well. 

    Christian W.
  • My students enjoyed this activity, and the notes really helped them break down the concept and understand the uses of the different pronouns. 

    Rachel B.

Subject Pronouns in Spanish


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