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Mi Bolivia | Possessive adjectives and cultural reading in Spanish

Grammar in Context lesson plans on possessive adjectives with a cultural focus on Bolivia

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
30 Pages
2 hours

Discover Bolivia! This 3-day lesson plan will reveal Bolivia to your students, told from the perspective of someone who lives there. A special focus on possessive adjectives (notes and structured grammar activities) makes this a perfect way to explore Grammar in Context!

DAY 1:

  • Read a beautifully illustrated shared reading about Bolivia with your students. Includes robust exposure to possessive adjectives!
  • Review the information with a fast game of Tic Tac Bingo. All materials provided!

DAY 2:

  • Review the previous day's learning about Bolivia.
  • Give your students some quick grammar notes about Possessive Adjectives.
  • Read and complete a paragraph about Bolivia with the correct possessive adjectives.

DAY 3:

  • Match statements about Bolivia in English to their meaning in Spanish!
  • Analyze quotes from three individuals of different cultural backgrounds to see who would have said each one.

After completing this lesson, your students will have developed foundational knowledge of Bolivia and will be able to accurately interpret possessive adjectives in reading and listening activities. Used without the explicit notes, the lesson plans make for an excellent lesson on Bolivia.

These lesson plans are designed for Novice Spanish students in the first semester of Spanish 1.


  • My beginning Spanish college students enjoyed this resource a lot, even though it was challenging for them. It is genuinely engaging with great visuals. 

    Alejandra Dafoe
  • I used this resource with my Spanish 2 students to quickly review possessive and introduce Bolivia. The text on the slides was a little challenging sometimes, but working in small groups, with a couple of slides per group turned this activity into a class group presentation on Bolivia. 

    Helena W.
  • This was a great tool for teaching possessive adjectives! The reading is engaging, and the presentation is both easy to use (for me) and easy to understand (for my students). I'm looking forward to using it again this year!

    Deanne M.
  • We used this in conjunction with the book El Ekeko, and it worked out really nicely. My kids were very engaged and interested in the legend, and found it completely crazy. Definitely recommend.

    The Brady Bodega
  • This is a fantastic unit! It was a great, comprehensive intro to possessive adjectives that also provided valuable cultural information. My students really enjoyed the activities. 


Mi Bolivia | Possessive adjectives and cultural reading in Spanish


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