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E-I stem change verbs | Grammar in Context

Guided notes and contextualized texts and activities for Spanish classes

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
16 Pages
2 days

This 2-day (90 minute) lesson that focuses on e-i Present Tense stem change verbs in Spanish includes:

  • a 2-page guided notes sheet
  • a 1-page story featuring verbs medir, pedir, decir, and repetir
  • 2 story worksheets
  • a parallel story and reading activity
  • detailed lesson plan suggestions
  • answer keys

These e-i stem change notes assume that students have already learned about e-ie and o-ue present tense stem change verbs. We recommend teaching the three lessons in sequence, but spread out over time:

  1. E-IE stem change notes with reading
  2. O-UE stem change notes with reading
  3. E-I stem change notes with reading

All of these materials and more are included in this Grammar in Context bundle.

These materials are not designed to support your students in mastering the ability to conjugate e-i verbs; they are designed to help your students understand why they sometimes see spelling differences between different forms of the same verb.


Grammar in Context lessons from The Comprehensible Classroom are designed to create opportunities for students to notice grammar patterns as they are used in context. Every Grammar in Context lesson includes brief guided notes in English about the grammar pattern, followed by at least one Spanish-language reading that includes many instances of the pattern at hand plus activities that draw students' attention to the role it plays in creating meaning.

Grammar in Context lessons are not designed to be grammar practice for students, nor are they expected to result in the mastery of a grammar concept. Grammar in Context is a more acquisition-focused approach to grammar instruction; noticing the ways in which unique linguistic features impact the overall meaning of an utterance.


  • My students who thrive with technical grammar are so thankful I am able to print this for them. Thank you for providing such engaging materials for all types of learners.

    Miscellaneous Mom
  • These embedded notes help narrow down the vocabulary we focus on and engage students more enjoyably than with traditional grammar instruction. Great stuff!

    Kate M.
  • This was a great lesson to bring students’ attention to the grammatical structure while still turning quickly back to input. Thanks for sharing. 

    Abigayle Shin
  • This was a great reading activity with comprehension as well. My students were able to read this easily. Great CI resource. ¡Gracias!

    Donna A.
  • Good practice for students that helps them see real-life examples of stem changers

    Jennifer H.

E-I stem change verbs | Grammar in Context


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