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Infinitives Spanish Grammar in Context

Guided notes and contextualized readings and activities for Spanish classes

Elementary, Novice (Levels 1-2)
4 Pages

These two-page notes include a definition of infinitives, how to recognize them in Spanish and English, and discuss their use with helper verbs (quiere, puede, debe, etc.)

The notes also include a short reading for early first-year Spanish students with comprehension questions and personalized questions for discussion, as well as instructions that highlight the infinitives and helper verbs in the story.

After completing this lesson, students should not be expected to be able to correctly produce the infinitive form that corresponds to conjugated verbs. The objective of this lesson is for students to be able to recognize patterns in receptive language (reading and listening) and to better understand what they mean. In this case, students will be able to better understand why they see some verbs that end in -ar, -er, and -ir and what it means when they see that pattern.


  • I appreciate all your activities! They are so well thought out and the kids really get the concepts!

    Danielle Holsapple
  • I use this for Spanish 3 kids who want a little more explanation than I usually give in one and two. Grammar without sacrificing input.

  • My students liked this activity because it was quick to do but also easy for them to use and and helped them better grasp the meaning of an infinitive.

    VeryVigil Resources
  • This packet was so helpful in breaking down the grammar for my Spanish 1 class. Even though I try to avoid it, I often use grammar words like "infinitive" without really thinking about how new it is to my students. This packet helped my students grasp the concept of infinitives without overwhelming them. It made them feel more confident in what they knew and also helped them get lots of good input at the same time!

    Elizabeth E.
  • Very useful quick lesson for exposure to what an infinitive verb is and how to recognize it. I appreciate the explanation of grammar and input that is included. It's always useful to remember and read about the why and how behind what we do. Thank you! 

    Rachel T.

Infinitives Spanish Grammar in Context


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